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GS-2P™ Quick Adjust Sling: Black / Item No: GS-1200

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  1. Rating | 5 out of 5 Stars June 23rd, 2014

    This is exactly what I was looking for - a straight-forward, well-made, sling for my first AR. Sling is American made (always a plus) and designed for use and utility. Jason was extremely helpful on the telephone. We discussed my needs and potential uses. I have been a shooter for more than 20 years but this was for my first firearm with Picatinny rails and he was very helpful with all my mount questions. Adding a rail to a shotgun now and ordering a second sling!

    --- Seth ( Brooklyn, NY )

  2. Rating | 5 out of 5 Stars March 28th, 2013

    Without a doubt the best customer service I have received in a long time. It is quite apparent that Jason hasn’t lost sight of good “ole” fashion caring about his customers and their satisfaction. When you add the fact that Gear Sector offers superior quality and value in its products; it all totals up to an outstanding online buying experience. I will be back for sure!

    --- Chris ( Ashville, OH )

  3. Rating | 5 out of 5 Stars August 19th, 2012

    So I just set up the GS-2P sling on my Mossberg 930 SPX (with the fixed stock adapter) - and I couldn’t be happier.

    The product is outstanding and the customer service is unmatched.

    The quick-adjust feature is extremely useful. The quick disconnects adds another layer of functionality as well.

    Overall, the design of the sling is well thought-out and very intuitive. The quality of the product is outstanding and the cost is very reasonable.

    Coupled with my Mossberg 930 SPX and Burris Fastfire3, this Gear Sector GS2-P sling, makes this one very cool *All-American* set up.

    I’m a Gear Sector fan for life.

    This is a shining example of an American company to be proud of.

    --- Robert ( Chesterbrook, PA )

  4. Rating | 5 out of 5 Stars October 10th, 2011

    Love the quality , design, and functionality of the sling (GS-2P). I also couldn’t believe how fast it got here…I ordered it Thursday afternoon and received it Saturday morning (via USPS)…Amazing.

    --- Blake ( Farmington, MN )

  5. Rating | 5 out of 5 Stars September 4th, 2011

    This is a great sling. Our transport team for the jail uses a different brand of sling (which is more expensive) that doesn’t function half as well as this one. They are in the process of getting funding to switch them all out with gear sector slings. We are also in the process of trying to get these for the road deputies as we currently use a 3 point sling that tends to get caught up on our gear.

    This has to be the easiest most sturdy sling I have ever used. The adjustments are amazingly easy and the quick adjust works perfectly.

    --- Chris ( Vancouver, WA )

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